Wednesday, 19 June 2013

'Handmade Nation', Arts & Crafts in Sofia Design Week

'Handmade Nation', a great poster too

From June 21st to 30th we can enjoy the Sofia Design Week. But already before these dates there have been a lot of activities and events connected with the topic. For example, on June 17 there was a free screening of the documentary Handmade Nation at the National Polytechnic Museum. I'm a very curious girl, so I went to see  it.

Don't think that I'm a very enthusiastic about arts and crafts. Nope. On the contrary, my ability to do things with my hands (and I'm talking about beautiful things) it's not so remarkable. It's like I'll have two left hands so the arts & crafts universe is to me more like the magic land of Oz than  reality.

But I told you I'm a very curious girl and I always wonder how other people are able to do those precious things with their hands without losing their patience. Wonder and magic, for me. Hobbies and a fun way of earn money, for others.

'Handmade Nation' is a documentary about the rise of a lot of arts & crafts communities in the USA in the last years. A bit retro, a bit punk, a bit feminist, a bit funny... You can see a lot of projects from people who do it not only in their free time, it has become a way of living. From flea markets to online stores, from big spaces to a sofa and a blanket, this documentary show us how the DIY is now a very important part of the popular culture in the USA (and worldwide, of course).

This is the first film by Faythe Levine, author, artist and curator, who wants  to show this particular world to people like me, who only tried to knit something when they were kids and with forgettable results. Through interviews with artists, gallery owners, crafters and curators, we can peek to this wonderful nation and (in my case) feel a bit embarrased about my awful capability of doing nothing spectacular. Sigh. 

Here you can see a video about the film, it's only a few minutes.

 At last, if you are crying and burning in desire  to start your own arts and crafts project, GO ON! You can visit Etsy or Pinterest, for catching some ideas and take a look  at a few blogs like Dare to DIY (in spanish, very beautiful) or How About Orange (in english, pretty, too), among others. 

For me, it's time to die with envy. Pray for me, people. Or, better, send me beautiful things done by you ;) 

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