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A reader's comment, regarding the political situation in Belarus. Lecture at 17.30 today at ul.Slavianska 6.

Anonymous 14 October 2013 22:18
Michail Vashkevich: , .
16 октомври/сряда/,17-30 часа в зала``Славянско дружество``, ул. Славянска-6, состои се лекция посланика Беларуси Владимира Александровича Воронковича. К сожалению аз на работе. Моля теб, задай посланику два запитване;1/Защо много граждане Беларуси бягат от своя Родина в чужбина? 2/Може ли мой приятел,емигрант от Беларус в България,Михаил Йосифович Вашкевич да се върне в Родината си,да не лежи в ГУЛАГ?— Michail Vashkevich, 14 Октомври 2013 г.
 The comment.
We have got a reader's comment, posted under three of our different authors' most recent blog texts. The comment is unrelated to the topics we were writing about; instead, it is concerned about the current political situation in Belarus. As it is written in Bulgarian we have decided to translate it so that everyone can understand.

Basically, the reader wants to inform that there is a lecture by the Belarussian ambassador Vladimira Aleksandrovicha Voronkovicha taking place at the premises of "Slavyanska Beseda" (ul. Slavianska 6) at 5.30 pm today (16 October).

As well as that s/he wants those who will be attending to ask the ambassador two questions: (1) Why so many Bealrussians flee from their homeland abroad; (2) Can Michail Iosifovich Vashkevich, an emigrant from Belarus in Bulgaria, return to his homeland without being imprisoned in a gulag*.

Here you are, our dear reader, and I hope this will help.

* Gulag is a type of enforced labour camp used by the Soviet Union to 'correct' its (mainly political) prisoners. Gulags still exist in the modern day Belarus as the country's political regime remains notoriously authoritarian and hostile to any political opposition. 

For more information about gulags:

An article at The Independend newspaper about life in a gulag experienced by a Belarussian political prisoner:

A New York Times editorial about Lukashenko's gulags:

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