Monday, 17 February 2014

Free Sofia Tour

We'd heard plenty about the Free Sofia Tour, and my personal experience from similar free tours in other European cities had made me excited to see what this one could offer and whether or not it compared to the excellent standard I had come to find abroad.

We joined the 11am group yesterday with Jeroen with Vicente. Within 2.5 hours or so, we found out about the secret of Sveta Nedela's dome and the most important terrorist attack in the history of Bulgaria; we visited the hot mountain springs next to the old public bath house; we discovered the secret of the controversial statue of Sveta Sofia and how the name of the city doesn't actually go back to her - a story that deserves its own post; we witnessed the traces of the clash between Bulgaria's secular socialist past and its Orthodox Christian tradition, and the list goes on.

It's a free tour, but when donation time arrives at the end you'll most definitely feel like supporting 365 Association and its efforts, like we and everyone else in the group did. Don't miss it if you're visiting Sofia, even if it's only for a weekend - perhaps especially then.

Many thanks to Yana for being our excellent guide.

Can you spot us?
The imposing building in the background is the ex-communist party HQ,
now occasionally used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Want more ways to discover the city? This post written by the previous library volunteers is exactly what you're looking for: Getting to Know Sofia, the Host City of your EVS


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