Sunday, 25 May 2014

May 24th - Slavic Language and Culture Day

Do you know the two men pictured below?

They are Saints Cyril and Metodius, the 9th century Christian missionaries who introduced Orthodoxy to the Slavic countries of the Balkans, but are perhaps more famous for creating what would eventually become the Cyrillic alphabet, which was first used in the Bulgarian Empire and then spread to other Slavic countries.

More than 1100 years later, these same countries reserve a special day in their calendar for honouring these men that have been so important for their culture, and that day is the Slavic Language and Culture Day.

We volunteers received invitations to the ceremony which took place in front of the National Library, itself named after Cyril and Metodius. There were a lot of important people attending who gave speeches offered wreaths at the foot of the monument and there were children reciting poems about what it means to be a Bulgarian - at least, I understood as much.

In front of the National Library

After the ceremony was over, our supervisor Valya invited out for lunch, were some of us had our first experience of an earthquake ever. Because we care about our friends, relatives and readers, we made the following video to assure everybody that we were totally fine.

A lot of things happening these days in Sofia: this earthquake, Levski (the football club) celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding, today is the day of the European elections...

We'll sign off leaving you with a taste of Bulgarskata Azbuka!

АНИМИРАНА АЗБУКА от А до Я from FinFilm on Vimeo.

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