Friday, 16 May 2014

The Princess And Mr. Finney

Once upon a time not too long ago (last saturady to be more specifik) there were a real life princess, Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, who visited the childrens department at Sofia City Library.
Not only is she the dutch princess but also the author of the childrens book "Mr. Finney - The world upside down" wich was the reason for this royal visit; it had been translated to bulgaian!
There were a lot of exited little boys and even more exited little girls waiting for the princess to come, at the library.
Imagen; they would get to meet a real princess!
Though, there were this one little girl, wearing pink and glitter from top to toe, who were a little more exited to meet the princess, than any of the other kids. Her biggest dream would soon come true, only 5 minutes to go.
And at last the princess finally arrived!
But the little girl who before had worn the bigest, most exited smile of them all, now barely smiled and what was left of it slowly faded and changed into a confused wrinkel in her forhead and a couple of eyes filled with wonder, before she asked:
"Why are you not wearing a dress and where is your crown? I thought you were the princess..?"
The princess looked surprised at the little girl, smiled and told her:
"Your right, I am the princess eventhough i donnot wear a dress but do you see my foot? I hurted it some days ago and now I have to wear bandages on it and that does not fit very well with any of my dresses but normaly I wear them all the time. Like a real princess. And my crown i forgot at home, I am terrible sorry about that but even princesses forget a thing now and then.. I hope you can forgive me?"
The little girl still looked a little confused at the princess, maybe because she in her oppinion more looked like a queen, but smiled and nodded slowly.
Who wouldn't forgive a princess with a foot in bandages and alzheimer's?
The disapointing outfit of the princess was though soon forgotten when all the kids was given a bulgarian example of her book "Mr. Finney - The world upside down" and got it personally signated by her.
The end.

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  1. Great approach! We should read the book to improve our Bulgarian... :D