Sunday, 8 June 2014

ABGU Chamber Orchestra Concert in Bulgaria Hall

Last Friday, the good people at Sofia City Library provided us good volunteers (dobrovoltsi!) with tickets for a concert by the ABGU (Armenian General Benevolent Union) Chamber Orchestra, which took place in Bulgaria Concert Hall. You can read the press release in Bulgarian with more about the Sofia European Music Festival, the orchestra and the soloists here (and, if needed, do a Google Translation accordingly - it's not too bad).

Truth be told, we hadn't been to a music hall in Sofia before this opportunity was given to us. Generally, I find that it's difficult to enjoy concerts of music you've never heard before; this instance, however, was a good opportunity for us to discover and enjoy great pieces.

We recorded (parts of) them for sharing this pleasure with you, dear readers, and for giving you a taste of what it was like for us to to be in a Bulgarian concert hall.

W.A. Mozart Piano Concert №27 1 (I don't know exactly which part - sorry for the low volume)

W.A. Mozart Piano Concert №27 2 (I don't know exactly which part - sorry for the low volume)

Jean Sibelius Valse Triste // Mendelssohn Violin Concert Op. 64 (the audio quality is much better here because I set my audio recorder to "concert", which I hadn't for the previous recordings. I'm sorry to say it's not complete because the battery ran out).
If you choose to listen to just one of the recordings, the last one should be it.
The concert finished with the following piece, which I didn't know and now it's my earworm for tonight.

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