Sunday, 22 June 2014


Our EVS friends Anna & Kuba live in Pernik, a city less than an hour away from Sofia, famous in Bulgaria for its tough, hard-headed people - a reputation probably rooted in its traditionally industrial and mining economy. There are lots of jokes made about people who come from this region, but our experience was completely different from the stereotype, as you will soon discover.

We are preparing a little performance in the streets of Sofia in July with Anna, Kuba, Florian, Gabi and others, and our visit to Pernik last Sunday was mainly for brainstorming, discussing the ideas and planning the event. We even did a little workshop prepared by Anna & Kuba's supervisor on the top of a hill in a beautiful park in the centre of the city whose aim was helping us bond and work together as a single entity rather than a group of individuals.

Tai-chi-ho, tai-chi-ho!

The chain of command... mistake can have the group collapse
like a house of cards.

Becoming one with the group

"Add caption", Blogger said.
I just sat there, motionless.
The brave Florian is about to fall in our arms.

The brave Florian is falling in our arms.

NOT footballs fans.

Definitely not football fans.

There was pizza, fruit salad, cherries, beer and wine. It rained after we left the park. It was a good day.

Our performance will be on the 12th of July. Catch it in a street of central Sofia near you.

 Props to Kuba and his friend whose name I don't remember for the pictures. Especially the last ones are very good, in true Kuba fashion.

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