Wednesday, 16 July 2014

One Minotaur, one Labyrinth and One Ball of String

In English...
...and in Bulgarian!
Two of the five visiting Greek girls - Lena, Lenio, Konstantina, Efi and Dimitra - have already left. It always breaks my heart bonding with people over such small periods of time and then having to say goodbye, or at least "see you later", so soon. Anyway, it was an absolutely great experience taking part in these workshops, escaping in the process our own collective labyrinth and bringing to life something valuable for children and adults alike. All of the countless hours of Skype calls between us paid off in the end! And there's more to come.

I took more than 20GB of video yesterday, and it might take me a while to edit together and upload something worthwhile; when I do, however, I'll place it in this post.

These workshops took place under the action of the Greek N.G.O ''Εμείς και ο Κόσμος/ Nuestro Mundo'' ( in collaboration with the Central Library of Sofia/ Sofia City Library, on the occasion of their collaboration within the framework of realization of the Project of European Voluntary Service (EVS) Web Culture in the Library. The workshops are included in the broader activities developed by ''Nuestro Mundo'' in collaboration with European Educational Institutions concerning the theme of Stereotypes in Genders and of Children's Literature. This project, is funded with private resources of the NGO ''Nuestro Mundo'' and it is supported by the Project European Voluntary Service (EVS) Web Culture in the Library.

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