Sunday, 6 July 2014

Russian conference in Rodina Hotel

Last weekend Dimitris, Zanda and I had the opportunity of helping with the organization of a conference about the developing of Russian culture and image in Bulgaria. The library participated throug its Russian Center, so we did our part as European Volunteers. The conference took place in Hotel Rodina in the center of Sofia, but we also went to other places.

First day of the conference we help filling 180 bags, 1 per participant in the conference, with a pen, a notebook, and a belt for the identification.

                                                Zanda, Dimitri and I, filling the bags

After doing this we went with the russian guests to the museum of Bulgarian History so they could know more about the history of the country. In the museum there are highly valued treasures for Bulgaria, like somme of the most ancient archeological remains in Europe, or objects that belonged to Vasil Levski, the great hero of bulgarian independence.

Back to the hotel the conference started. My task then was taking photos of the room and the speakers.

Some moments of the conference

Unfortunately I don´t speak russian so I don´t know exactly what the conference was about but I Know for sure they explained the activities that take place in the Russian Center.

Next day, Sunday, we took a bus with the attendants to go to the Rila Monastery and the village of Melnik, so they could feel the taste of the bulgarian countriside. Rila is one of the most important religious centres for bulgarian orthodox and Melnik is well known for its good wine. We visited one of its many wineries.

Rila monastery

Enjoying the red wine of Melnik

Finally on monday Maria, Boryana and I were invited to the famous restaurant "Chevermeto" where we could try some bulgarian style meats and enjoy with traditional dances of the country. This were staged by a group of professional dancers, but the russian guests have also their chances to dance, that they didn´t lose. Neither did we.

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