Sunday, 1 September 2013

'Sofia Breathes' a handmade market in the streets

Sofia Breathes at Pirotska Street

Ah, the summertime. Most of the people expend all the year dreaming about August. Not me, because I’m a bit allergic to summer and a little freak, too. People think about the summer, about travels, about the beach, about long hours al fresco. And then, the naked truth. You have to work in these months, you can’t go abroad, you have to stay at home.

 Ok, it’s not so bad. Don’t kill me, please.

 It’s not so bad, I insist, especially if you see initiatives like Sofia Breathes. This festival took one street every Sunday of August and transformed it in a place of joy and celebration. Music, drinks, exhibitions, workshops, and a really beautiful handmade market. Perfect for expend a few hours in a very special environment.

I never told you? I love cups and mugs!

 This is the 4th year we can enjoy Sofia Breathes, and I’m pretty sure that every year is gaining more and more reputation. Of course, for me was my first time, but when I talked with the people there they told me the same. A place for art, for culture, for think about the environment and the sustainability in a very relaxed way, having fun with friends and, yes, buying things.

 I have told you once, but I’m really fascinated about handmade markets. I’m so bad with hands that really amused me how can they do such a beautiful things. Porcelain cups, earrings, notebooks, toys, soaps… You could find nearly everything there, made with love and patience. And, for a cheap price, you could take one of these treasures and use it at home. Isn’t great?

Steampunk jewels and notebooks! Lovely!

 This year, Sofia Breathes took place in the streets Ivan Shishman, Angel Kanchev, Pirotska and, finally, in boulevard Vitosha, and I can assure you that it was a success. Fun for all ages, in a lazy summer Sunday, who can imagine a better way to expend the evening in Sofia?

 I went two of the days (to Angel Kanchev and Pirotska) and I enjoyed a lot. I drank lemonade, bought a few things, talked with the people and took part of a workshop. I’m very proud to announce that, now, I can make paper flowers. Not perfect, but I’ll try to improve…

 Until the next year, Sofia Breathes!

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