Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Do you want to write a novel...right now?

Camp NaNoWriMo, where everything is possible. Literally.

Maybe you are this kind of people. You know, the kind who is always planning and talking about write a novel... some day. But now you have the chance of write a novel in a month. In this month.

Really. Trust me.

Is not magic. It's passion. Love. Madness. It's Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp NaNoWriMo is a quest to write a novel in a month's time. That's all. You only have to write, and write more. And then, write a bit more. So easy. Well, maybe it's not so easy but you only have to enter in the website, choose a word goal and start to write. Don't worry about corrections now. In the next month, or maybe in the next year, you can correct all your mistakes, but in this moment you only have to write. Really.

Sit down. Write down.

It's crazy, I know, but there’s so much fun and noveling is like a kind of magic. And you have this magic in your hands right now so don't waste it! Maybe you are afraid. I understand you. It's difficult to start to write but when you decide to do, it's wonderful! Don't miss it!

Of course, I'm enrolled as well in this Camp NaNoWriMo. I set my goal on 20.000 words for this month and for the moment I haven't write any word. Nothing. It's a shame for me, but don't worry. I'll reach my goal for sure. I only have to write, ehem. 

Do you wanna do this crazy thing with me? It would be great! We'll can cry at the same time, you know, and blame everything in our characters, and talk about plots and the essence of the divinity... Just let me know... If you are interested in creative writing, stay tuned! This is the first time that Sofia City Library is hosting the NaNoWriMo adventure and in the beginning of September we are preparing a lot of projects about this so I will very happy to hear about you. Come to our library and ask us! We are ready to encourage you to start the most amazing chance in your life.

And now, it's time to write. Are you ready?

More info | Camp NaNoWriMo

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