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'Zen in the Art of Writing', Ray Bradbury gives us a masterclass

A great way to start the day

I have to confess that I really love Ray Bradbury. Yes, is one of my favorite authors so maybe love blinds me while I writing this book review. If you like this author, you'll love this book. If you like to write yourself, you'll love this book, too. Even if you don't write so much or you never read Bradbury, you'll like this book.

And the reason is so simple. Ray Bradbury puts his passion in his writing. He loves ghosts, he loves circuses, he loves dinosaurs, he loves Mars, he loves to write. And, of course, he loves to write about the things he loves.

Makes sense, but it's not as common as it seems. Not every author prefers to follow their own path, as it's for this reason that this reading is so valuable. In eleven essays, Bradbury told us about the pleasures of writing. His enthusiasm has no limits, he lives for writing, for enjoy, for celebrate, and all about writing.

He gives us one of the most important advices I've ever read in my life: enjoy your creation. Enjoy, don't think, write. Write about the things you like and everything would be good.

If you do, I think you might easily find a new definition for work
And the word is LOVE.

In these essays, Ray Bradbury write about his passion for the writing, but also about the power of the inner memories, his likes and dislikes and how he become a writer. Of course, we can read a lot about his most famous works like Dandelion Wine, Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles and even the play script he wrote for John Houston's Moby Dick. 

All during my early twenties I had the following schedule. On Monday morning I wrote the first draft of a new story. On Tuesday I did a second draft. On Wednesday a third. On Thursday a fourth. On Friday a fifth. And on Saturday at noon I mailed out the sixth and final draft to New York. Sunday? I thought about all the wild ideas scrambling for my attention, waiting under the attic lid, confident at last that, because of 'The lake', I would soon let them out. 

If you ever thought about creative writing I encourage you to read this book.  It's not a proper manual about writing, its better. If you need a bit push to sit down yourself and start to write (maybe for the Camp Nanowrimo? ;p) read it. His enthusiasm is contagious and when you finish you'll be burning in desire to write. A novel, a short story, a script, even a list of things to do. Whatever, but you'll be writing with hope and passion.

I promise you.

Remember you can read this book from the American Corner of the Sofia City Library. You only have to visit us and will be very glad of recommend you a lot of more books about your favorite topic. And, of course, I will recommend you ALL the books of Ray Bradbury. Because I love him, you know...

Joshua Odell Editions
Collection: Essays on Creativity
ISBN: 9781877741098
176 pages

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